• Angels In The Dust
    Angels In The Dust
    A heart-warming feature documentary about orphans of the AIDS crisis in South Africa. Produced by Participant Media, Edited by Elements In Time.
  • Carbon Cycle Investments
    Carbon Cycle Investments
    Carbon Cycle Investments is a startup brand with grand ambitions to grow several anchor companies that provide local jobs and environmentally sound businesses in struggling communities around the world. They needed a business strategy, a family of brands, and messaging development that would reach a wide variety of target markets. Here’s what we did…
  • Conservation Futures: Forests, Farms & Fun… Forever
    Conservation Futures: Forests, Farms & Fun… Forever
    King County came to us with a seemingly impossible request: create a 10-12 minute video that 1. Celebrates 30 years of environmental preservation and restoration, 2. Discusses current preservation and restoration efforts, and 3. Inspires the next generation of environmental leaders to take up the torch. We’re proud to showcase our successful feat!
  • Oikocredit USA Campaign
    Oikocredit USA Campaign
    Oikocredit, the second largest microfinance organization in the world, was looking to start a new microfinance movement in USA. Here’s what we did…
  • Do Ubuntu Campaign Video
    Do Ubuntu Campaign Video
    A non-profit promotional video for the Do Ubuntu Bracelet Campaign, which helps HIV/AIDS orphans and impoverished women in Africa.
  • “How To” Animation
    “How To” Animation
    Created for Countywide Community Forums as part of a new strategic outreach campaign, this short video animation is shown to new facilitators of community discussions.
  • Voices Unveiled: Women Who Dare
    Voices Unveiled: Women Who Dare
    A feature documentary about 3 Turkish women who struggle for autonomy in a country that straddles modern European and traditional Middle Eastern values.  Production managed in Turkey and Los Angeles by Elements In Time.
  • Clackamas Community Survey
    Clackamas Community Survey
    Clackamas County, Oregon was hoping for a new level of community engagement around their Five-Year Strategic Plan. Here’s what we did…
  • Friends of the Dominican Republic Campaign Video
    Friends of the Dominican Republic Campaign Video
    A Peace Corps Challenge Fund video – used to rally Board Members and funders around small grant projects benefiting people in rural Dominican Republic.  (Spanish and English)