Oikocredit, the second largest microfinance organization in the world, was looking to start a new microfinance movement in USA. Here’s what we did…


  • Evaluate the current investor experience
  • Conduct competitive analysis to identify untapped niche & market
  • Identify likely target markets, advocates & B2B partnerships
  • Develop a multi-phased campaign strategy
  • Conduct a mid-term campaign evaluation and strategy revision
  • Provide a final campaign evaluation and long-term strategic plan


  • Five-city online & offline investment campaign
  • Community website & blog with investment capability
  • Online organizing platform & dashboard for volunteers & staff
  • Social media account creation, training & tool kits
  • Campaign video, fliers, brochures & investment presentation
  • Volunteer recruitment, training & tool kits
  • Simultaneous east and west coast campaign launch with live video streaming
  • Ongoing community outreach

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