When we think of famous cryptids and other similar legends, we tend to picture such creatures as the Sasquatch, who lives in the forests and mountains of the US, or Nessie the Loch Ness monster from Scotland. But the continent of Africa, one of the biggest and most diverse continents in the world, is home to a wide range of interesting cryptids that have long permeated the many belief systems and folklore beliefs throughout Africa.

These are creatures that are believed to stalk the open savannahs; the beautiful mountain ranges; and the dark and unexplored jungles of central Africa. Let’s look at some of the most well-known cryptids that can be found in Africa.


This massive, carnivorous eel has long been among the legends of the people that are a part of the Xhosa and Zulu groups of South Africa. It’s believed that the creature can control the weather, and heavy rains are usually said to be caused by the Inkanyamba. They are also said to grow to enormous sizes, and some believe that they are based on the huge freshwater eels live in many areas throughout the country, and can grow to as long as a man, and sometimes even longer.


The Adze is a legend that comes from the Ewe peoples that live in Togo and Ghana. It’s believed to be a vampire that can take on the form of a firefly. If it’s cancelled, it can turn back into a human, and in this form, it’s considered quite dangerous as there’s a good chance that it will start attacking those around it. While less dangerous in insect form, it still likes to consume the blood of its victims while they are sleeping, while also spreading disease. It’s believed that the Adze was long blamed for the many malaria outbreaks that took place in the region for many generations.


This creature is not unlike a prehistoric pterosaur and is prevalent among the peoples that live in Angola, Zambia, and the Congo. In fact, it was “seen” by a British explorer by the name of Frank Wellend in 1932, although the belief in the creature among the local people is much, much older. It’s believed that it lives in swamps and rivers, and has a long wingspan, but has no feathers. There are other accounts of a similar creature from around Africa, and although sightings have been frequent, there has been no photographic evidence, even if it’s likeness is popular in media from stories to games on Dubai casino sites.

The Bili Ape

Stories of large apes that roam the unexplored parts of the world is common, and in Africa, it’s known by a series of names, such as the Bili Ape, or Ufiti in Malawi. In fact, sightings of the creature were so common that many believed that it was an undiscovered species of ape. Several skulls were discovered in 1908, and it’s now believed that the creature was a subspecies of chimp.