The Lost Lands are continents or islands Updatesthought to have existed during prehistoric times, but since disappeared as a result of the destructive force of geographical phenomena.

For centuries people have been telling tales of legendary lands and hidden kingdoms filled with buried treasure and secrets of a world long gone. Join us as we explore the mythical Lost Lands.


Said to be linked to the 4 corners of the earth via an intricate network of tunnels, Agharti is according to legend an underground world occupied by a peace-loving and gentle people. Pliny the Elder wrote of a people who fled underground upon the destruction of Atlantis – another Lost Land – and some traditionalists claim to this day that Agharti really exists.

According to the legend, the people of Atlantis fled to Asia where the tunnelled under the Himalayas to create this magical realm.


According to European legend, Hy-Brasil is located somewhere across the treacherous Western Ocean and Irish legends tells the tale of a mist-shrouded island which can only be spotted once every 7 years – but is impossible to reach.

Not only were these legends passed down through generations, but starting in the 1480s people actually set sail from Bristol in an attempt to reach this legendary land. Sadly, no proof of Hy-Brasil could ever be substantiated even though Captain John Nisbet said in 1674 that he had been to the island which was inhabited by large black rabbits and a stone-castle-dwelling magician – a story almost as fantastical as Lucky Nugget Casino Canada!

Cantre’r Gwaelod

Best described as the Welsh Atlantis, Cantre’r Gwaelod is according to legend an ancient sunken kingdom located to the west of Wales between Ramsey Island and Bardsley Island. Believed to rest beneath the waters of Cardigan Bay, tales of Cantre’r Gwaelod have been passed down through folklore and song.

The land was according to legend fortified against the sea by a dyke, but owing to the carelessness of the drunkard prince Seithenyn, the sea broke through the dyke and destroyed Cantre’r Gwaelod.

El Dorado

Upon the Spanish invasion of Mexico during the 16th century, a rumour was heard of a mystical city paved with gold, ruled by the priest-king El-Dorado whose body was gilded with powdered gold.

Unlike many of the other Lost Lands, there are some facts supporting the legend of El Dorado, but no actual proof exists of its actuality. To this day, many still believe that the ‘City of Gold’ exists and that it’s only biding its time until the right explorer comes along at the right time.


Avalon is a mythical island believed to be the place where King Arthur’s legendary sword Excalibur was forged and where he was taken to recuperate after the Battle of Camlann.

In 1190, Avalon became associated with Glastonbury when monks at Glastonbury Abbey claimed to have found the remains of King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere. However these claims could never be substantiated and the legend of Avalon remains just that – a legend.