It is believed that long, long ago there was an ancient civilisation that created a large circle of stones in a field in Wiltshire, England.

Stonehenge is a mystery.  The construction started in 3100BC until 1600BC.  There are no clues as to who they were or why they constructed the stones in such a way.  Many theories have surface over the years.

Was it a Burial Site?

One theory is that Stonehenge may have been a burial site.  Bone fragments have been discovered that are over a century old.  At the time archaeologists did not think they were significant and buried them again.

After this British researchers have been able to exhume over 50 000 bone fragments thought to belong to more than 63 individuals.  According to a researcher these burials go back to 3000 BC.  Also found with the bones was a mace head and a bowl.

Was it a Place of Healing?

It has also been thought that Stonehenge was a place where healing took place.  Archaeologists discovered many skeletons that exhibited signs of either illness or injury.

Also found at the site were bits of bluestones, which were the first stones to be erected here.  These bits of stones were chipped away from the stones and were probably used as a talisman for protection or for healing.

Excellent Acoustics

The circular construction may have been created as a soundscape.  Steven Waller has introduced this new theory.  He says that if two pipers played their instruments in the field it would give off a strange sound.

In particular parts the sound waves from both instruments cancel each other out making quiet areas.  The Stonehenge stones are able to create the same type of effect by blocking sound.  There are legends of Stonehenge that speak of pipers.

It has also been discovered that the acoustics are excellent.  A study done in 2012 shows that the circle of stones would be able to cause sound reverberations, which would be similar to a cathedral and would make for an amazing acoustic experience that could be enjoyed while you’re searching for the best NRL Premiership odds, reading a book, or doing a bit of meditating.

Worship of the Sun

Stonehenge may have also been built around the sun.  There is an avenue near Stonehenge that connects with the River Aven, which aligns with the sun during the winter solstice.

It is believed that pigs were slaughtered here during December and January, which may point to some type of celebrations or rituals during the winter solstice.

Stonehenge faces summer solstice sunrise and both winter and summer solstices are still celebrated to this day.

Was it a Team Building Exercise?

The amount of work and how the stones are laid out must have involved incredible teamwork, similar to team building that we have today.

A study shows that the construction of Stonehenge happened at the same time that there was increased unity between the Neolithic people.

The Neolithic people must have been inspired by the way the landscape flowed and decided to construct Stonehenge, a monument.

Construction of Stonehenge must have been an enormous task that required a huge labour force so organisation and team work must have been extremely important to being successful in their endeavour.